Dreaming of writing a novel

9 Dec 2019

I write a lot on a daily basis as writing is my job. I work as a copywriter and write articles and website contents for online use. My big dream is of course to one day write a full blown novel, have it published and - preferably see it become a best-seller. It's good to dream. I have no clue as of what to write though, so I suppose the project will have to wait some more.

The perfect present for my dad?

4 Jul 2018

5 bucks to anyone who can guess what this is! Without using any search engines online of course he he. Well, I will put you out of your confusion. It´s a spittoon. Or a mudjug if you prefer. This aprticular one I show is actually a very nice mudjug. It fits in the cupholder in a car which makes it perfect for travels. This is something I think of buying for my dad when it´s his birthday. It´s either this spittoon or a book of some kind and since he don´t like to read a lot the choice is fairly simple. 

I asked him what he wanted

Since as long as I can remember it´s been very hard coming up with ideas for gifts for my dad. He looks like he enjoys it when we have difficulty getting him something. This year i was proactive and asked him what he wanted and he pointed towards a bookshelf containing 2 magazines and an old bible and said: "Could use an upgrade of my library" and chuckled. So to be funny I actually thought of buying him a book but when I saw this mudjug I instantly knew it was the perfect present for him. He use a lot of chewing tobacco and every now and then he rolls down the window of the car to spit. Or go out on the porch to do the same. With this gift he can be more relaxed!  

Common grammar mistakes

9 Mar 2018

The English language is not particularly difficult, but when learnt wrongly it's hard to relearn later. Non-native English students usually have certain things they spell or say wrong, even at advanced levels of English stydies, and even native English speakers make some of these mistakes.

The amazing hands

21 Dec 2017

Tha muscels of the hands are truly amazing. Without hands we cannot write a single syllable, and without musles in our hands we cannot move even a finger in our hands. There are a several muscles, not just one muscle, that enables a movement of a finger. Muscles as thinner, hypothenar muscles, lumbrical muscles and deep flexor (for example) that enables us to grip to opposite fingers. The felxor muscles are located on the underside of the forearm. To enable typewriting – as it is what writers do on the computer - we need all these muscles to work to be able to write a sentence. And if not? You need a surgery to heal the muscles that do not work.

All surgery need good aftercare

If you undergo a surgery you will need the best possible aftercare. To recover the soonest possible you need a caregiver that understands the perioperative care process and how to apply best practice of ERAS, that is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. If so, you will recover sooner and feel better after a surgery. You will reduce costs of your hospitalization and get a better life after the surgery.

Encare as an ERAS-caregiver

Encare implements the ERAS-protocols on a global basis by providing training to healthcare professionals and providing an interactive and web-based information system for evidence based - best practice management.


7 Oct 2017

When you work as a writer who basically has to sit in front of a computer and type all day long, day in and day out, sometimes you just cramp. Writer's cramp is really frustrating because it means nothing is coming out and the clock is ticking and the boss gets more and more worried. My little trick when inspiration is missing is to play music in the background. Really soft so as to not be disturbing, but just enough to make me relax and focus. It works for me!

Fresh feeling

30 Sep 2017

When you enter a bathroom you want to feel the freshness in there. And when you leave the bathroom after your visit, you want to feel refreshed. Right? Well, up until just a few weeks ago, I had the worst imaginable bathroom. It was old and dark and gloomy, and it certainly didn't give me any feeling of freshness. I have been wanting to remodel the bathroom for quite some time already, but never took the leap. Until now.

I assigned the progject to a bathroom remodeling business in Minneapolis and we had a few meetings first, to discuss ideas. I haven't got much experience about remodeling neither bathrooms or anything else, so their input was worth so much - thery were really professional.


We decided to make the space as light as possible, by choosing light shades and big mirrors - and extra lighting of course. I wanted a bathtub as well as the previous bathroom lacked one. 

When I enter the bathroom now I can't even recall what it used to look like. It's completely different! I love it and feel so refreshed after spending time in there. It is also designed in quite a neutral way so that it will last over time. Trends are often attractive at the time, but I grow sick of them quite fast.

Now there are several other "corners" of this place I call my home that needs remodeling and next up is probably the kitchen. It will have to wait a bit though. 

Perfect flow

1 Jun 2017

I will be running quite a great risk of sounding a bit nerdy writing this blog post, but after having experienced a need for a specific type of spray nozzle, with a very certain kind of flow, for a very particular job, recently, I learned that there are a whole lot of different types of spray nozzles out there in the world. 

Industrial spray nozzles

Most of the spray nozzles that I encountered while searching for one for myself were industrial spray nozzles, i.e. high quality, pricey nozzles, often sold in huge amounts. These types of nozzles are built to endure hard use on a day to day-basis. All kinds of professions use spray nozzles, from dentists to car mechanics, and they can be used to distribute both gas and liquid. I just needed one, good nozzle to properly be able to do a cleaning job that I had been assigned.

Buy Italian

Apparantly Italy is in the lead of manufacturing high quiality spray nozzles and whoever wants a spray nozzle of high quality will make a good bet on getting an Italian one. The thing with small nozzles is that they have to have exactly the right setting for you to be able to get your job done properly, and if you go out and buy a cheap one you're likely ending up with a useless piece of rubbish. On the other hand, if you just need a nozzle without being very specific about what kind of flow you want, you can absolutely buy a cheaper one - and you probably won't be disappointed.

Excessive sweating - Hyperhidrosis

27 Feb 2017

Many suffer from excessive sweating and it is a huge problem for them, if you never had this problem yourself you may think it is not that big of a deal. A person sweating normally may say to you that you can use paper towels and wipe, but they have no idea how this condition affects you. For many years, it was considered that we excrete sweat in different amounts and that it was simply unfortunate for people who had these problems. We do however now know that this is a medical condition that is called Hyperhidrosis and that around 1-3% of the world’s population suffers from it. It is not gender specific and we know that it equally common among both men and women. 

Different solutions are available

If you turn to public health care you may receive help in the form of different powders that you can apply, injections of Botox under your skin or the use of Iontophoresis. Powders are often with chemicals that may irritate your skin, the injections can be painful and you will need to go back for treatments regularly. Iontophoresis is however something you can use in your own home to treat yourself! You simply buy a device that uses this method and it can treat excessive sweating on hands and feet, it sends out electric currents that will activate your own proteins that will coagulate. This will prevent sweating and you will notice a difference already after a short while. In the beginning, you will need to use it daily but soon you can use it on a weekly basis or less to completely rid you of the problem!