Fresh feeling

When you enter a bathroom you want to feel the freshness in there. And when you leave the bathroom after your visit, you want to feel refreshed. Right? Well, up until just a few weeks ago, I had the worst imaginable bathroom. It was old and dark and gloomy, and it certainly didn't give me any feeling of freshness. I have been wanting to remodel the bathroom for quite some time already, but never took the leap. Until now.

I assigned the progject to a bathroom remodeling business in Minneapolis and we had a few meetings first, to discuss ideas. I haven't got much experience about remodeling neither bathrooms or anything else, so their input was worth so much - thery were really professional.


We decided to make the space as light as possible, by choosing light shades and big mirrors - and extra lighting of course. I wanted a bathtub as well as the previous bathroom lacked one. 

When I enter the bathroom now I can't even recall what it used to look like. It's completely different! I love it and feel so refreshed after spending time in there. It is also designed in quite a neutral way so that it will last over time. Trends are often attractive at the time, but I grow sick of them quite fast.

Now there are several other "corners" of this place I call my home that needs remodeling and next up is probably the kitchen. It will have to wait a bit though. 

30 Sep 2017