The amazing hands

Tha muscels of the hands are truly amazing. Without hands we cannot write a single syllable, and without musles in our hands we cannot move even a finger in our hands. There are a several muscles, not just one muscle, that enables a movement of a finger. Muscles as thinner, hypothenar muscles, lumbrical muscles and deep flexor (for example) that enables us to grip to opposite fingers. The felxor muscles are located on the underside of the forearm. To enable typewriting – as it is what writers do on the computer - we need all these muscles to work to be able to write a sentence. And if not? You need a surgery to heal the muscles that do not work.

All surgery need good aftercare

If you undergo a surgery you will need the best possible aftercare. To recover the soonest possible you need a caregiver that understands the perioperative care process and how to apply best practice of ERAS, that is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. If so, you will recover sooner and feel better after a surgery. You will reduce costs of your hospitalization and get a better life after the surgery.

Encare as an ERAS-caregiver

Encare implements the ERAS-protocols on a global basis by providing training to healthcare professionals and providing an interactive and web-based information system for evidence based - best practice management.

21 Dec 2017