Excessive sweating - Hyperhidrosis

Many suffer from excessive sweating and it is a huge problem for them, if you never had this problem yourself you may think it is not that big of a deal. A person sweating normally may say to you that you can use paper towels and wipe, but they have no idea how this condition affects you. For many years, it was considered that we excrete sweat in different amounts and that it was simply unfortunate for people who had these problems. We do however now know that this is a medical condition that is called Hyperhidrosis and that around 1-3% of the world’s population suffers from it. It is not gender specific and we know that it equally common among both men and women. 

Different solutions are available

If you turn to public health care you may receive help in the form of different powders that you can apply, injections of Botox under your skin or the use of Iontophoresis. Powders are often with chemicals that may irritate your skin, the injections can be painful and you will need to go back for treatments regularly. Iontophoresis is however something you can use in your own home to treat yourself! You simply buy a device that uses this method and it can treat excessive sweating on hands and feet, it sends out electric currents that will activate your own proteins that will coagulate. This will prevent sweating and you will notice a difference already after a short while. In the beginning, you will need to use it daily but soon you can use it on a weekly basis or less to completely rid you of the problem! 

27 Feb 2017