Perfect flow

I will be running quite a great risk of sounding a bit nerdy writing this blog post, but after having experienced a need for a specific type of spray nozzle, with a very certain kind of flow, for a very particular job, recently, I learned that there are a whole lot of different types of spray nozzles out there in the world. 

Industrial spray nozzles

Most of the spray nozzles that I encountered while searching for one for myself were industrial spray nozzles, i.e. high quality, pricey nozzles, often sold in huge amounts. These types of nozzles are built to endure hard use on a day to day-basis. All kinds of professions use spray nozzles, from dentists to car mechanics, and they can be used to distribute both gas and liquid. I just needed one, good nozzle to properly be able to do a cleaning job that I had been assigned.

Buy Italian

Apparantly Italy is in the lead of manufacturing high quiality spray nozzles and whoever wants a spray nozzle of high quality will make a good bet on getting an Italian one. The thing with small nozzles is that they have to have exactly the right setting for you to be able to get your job done properly, and if you go out and buy a cheap one you're likely ending up with a useless piece of rubbish. On the other hand, if you just need a nozzle without being very specific about what kind of flow you want, you can absolutely buy a cheaper one - and you probably won't be disappointed.

1 Jun 2017